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These are the Symptoms of an Overdose

Knowing the Symptoms of an Overdose May Help If You're Ever Faced with an Emergency Situation...   People overdose every day in America. Overdosing doesn't just happen with illicit or addictive substances, although it is easier to make a mistake and take too much of a drug when you... Read More

Telltale Signs of Pain Pill Abuse

How to help someone suffering with pain pill addiction signs...   Due to the high amount of prescription medications prescribed daily there is also a high amount of people all over the country dealing with addiction and misuse of these prescription medications. Misuse of prescription drugs al... Read More

Getting the Help You Need: Finding Free Addiction Help

Did you know that it's possible to get the support you need, even if you don't have the financial resources? Free addiction help is available right now...   Many people struggling with substance abuse or addiction find it almost impossible to get the support they need because of their financia... Read More

Recognizing Alcoholic Behavior

Learn the warning signs and how to recognize alcoholic behavior......   Addiction is a tricky issue to deal with and a part of that trickiness is a difficulty in recognizing alcoholic behavior and addictive behavior. As a person develops an alcohol abuse problem and eventually an addiction, ma... Read More

Heroin Detox Centers in Knoxville

Where people who are in need of heroin detox and treatment can find help...   Heroin addiction is a harrowing problem that is affecting an incredible number of cities and families all over the United States. More people die in a year from Heroin overdoses than in car wrecks and more young peo... Read More

Knoxville Addiction Detox Centers

Learn how Knoxville Addiction Detox Centers can help you fight addiction ...   Are you or someone you love dependent on a substance? Has life turned into a constant situation in which risks are always being taken? Do you fear for the well-being of yourself or your loved one? At the Knoxville ... Read More

Knoxville Inpatient Drug Treatment Options

A variety of Knoxville inpatient drug treatment options are available as part of inpatient addiction treatment...   The incidence of drug and alcohol abuse has skyrocketed throughout the United States over the past decade, with a staggering 21.6 million people classified as having a substance... Read More

The Opioid Epidemic in Knoxville

The Opioid Epidemic in Knoxville:...   The opioid epidemic in Knoxville, TN continues to escalate more and more each day, with a staggering 17 prospective opioid-related deaths so far in 2017. The leading causes of overdose deaths in Knoxville are from opioids, as well as other related drugs ... Read More

Mental Illness and Drug Treatment in Knoxville

Dual diagnosis is the term given when someone has a substance addiction at the same time as a co-existing mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis affects almost 8.9 million Americans every year. Of those people with dual diagnosis, only an estimated 7.4 percent are given the appropriate treatment. Tr... Read More

Knoxville Meth Addiction Rehab

While any drug addiction is dangerous, meth addiction is particularly harmful. When someone is facing a meth addiction, they may be unable to do anything but focus on getting their next high. Meth addiction, left unchecked, has the power to completely ruin someone's life. Fortunately, there are ... Read More

Knoxville OCD and Addiction Treatment

Knoxville OCD and addiction treatment centers provide rehab for people dealing with both obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and drug or alcohol dependence. OCD is a medical condition that causes a person to experience obsessive thoughts and engage in repetitive behaviors. An example could be that a... Read More

Flakka Now a Concern in Knoxville

Having caused a recent epidemic in South Florida, the synthetic drug "flakka," also known as "gravel," is now a growing concern among Knoxville Police, even though it is not quite a threat in the area. The Knox County Sheriff's Office believes that the drug is coming from ove... Read More


Intervention with an Addict...   Many times the addict is the last person who admits the need for an intervention. Generally the family and loved ones are the ones taking the lead and beginning the rehabilitation process with the use of a good intervention. Those who care about family members... Read More

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