Knoxville Inpatient Drug Treatment Options

A variety of Knoxville inpatient drug treatment options are available as part of inpatient addiction treatment

The incidence of drug and alcohol abuse has skyrocketed throughout the United States over the past decade, with a staggering 21.6 million people classified as having a substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse is a chronic, cyclical illness that can affect people of all walks of life regardless of demographics. Without help, addiction can progress and the risk of overdose increases- a risk that many have taken and suffered from in recent years. Current numbers of drug overdose deaths have jumped to 2.5 times the rate observed in 1999. That's more than 52,000 lives in 2015 alone that could have been saved with proper treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, take action now by seeking treatment and achieving recovery at a Knoxville inpatient drug treatment center.

Inpatient addiction treatment takes place at live in drug rehab centers, where you can receive treatment for your illness in a safe, healthy environment staffed by medical professionals. One of the main benefits of inpatient addiction treatment is that you can completely focus on your recovery without having to worry about your housing, meals, or the daily stresses associated with living and working that you may also associate with substance abuse. The first few days of sobriety after extended drug abuse are the most difficult and the risk for relapse is incredibly high if you choose to "quit cold turkey" without professional help. In live in drug rehab centers, the facility is of course a drug free environment which makes relapse impossible, but there are also a wide variety of resources and programs to ease the transition to sobriety. One of the first and most important resources is a safe medical detox in replace of the "cold turkey" withdrawal that so many struggle with. Medical detox allows experienced medical staff members to monitor your withdrawal symptoms and even administer medication to ease discomfort and relieve extreme symptoms often experienced during withdrawal.

Knoxville inpatient drug treatment incorporates a range of different treatment options. Group counseling is available to help you build bonds with people who truly understand exactly what you are going through, creating a strong support system to depend upon as you meet the challenges of overcoming addiction together. Completely submerging yourself with likeminded individuals who are also focused on sobriety can be one of the most impactful aspects of seeking treatment in live in drug rehab centers, as this resource can often prevent feelings of isolation during a personal battle against addiction. One-on-one counseling is of course also an important part of inpatient addiction treatment, creating a unique blend of therapies appropriate for your individual psychological, physical, and addiction recovery needs. In addition to the traditional cognitive behavioral techniques and motivational incentives models of counseling, there are also alternative therapy programs available to those who are interested in them. These can include

  • Art therapy, which serves to create new interest in a hobby and encourage self-discovery and expression during a time of growth.
  • Music therapy, which can provide patients a calm reprieve from any stress they may be feeling as well as encourage creativity, celebration of their new lease on life, and even collaboration with their fellow inpatient addiction treatment program members.
  • Yoga, which can be a restorative and healing practice for many recently recovered addicts as they reacquaint themselves with their bodies' natural sensations. Through gentle stretches and demanding postures, patients can learn to listen to their limits while expanding their physical capabilities after a long period of mistreating their bodies through substance abuse.

Family engagement is an important factor in Knoxville inpatient drug treatment programs, and the importance of a stable support group grows as you or your loved one completes inpatient addiction treatment and moves into an outpatient treatment program. Addiction is a difficult illness to come to grips with for both the individual and the family members – the bonds of trust between loved ones can be strained by the burden of substance abuse issues. For this reason, education on addiction and its impact on the addict is an important step to creating understanding between all parties. Achieving open, honest lines of communication between family members and close friends is also paramount to repairing relationships and creating informed social support that you can lean on as you readjust to life and sobriety outside of a live in drug rehab center. Intervention techniques and relapse prevention techniques are also provided through continued individual and group counseling sessions, often in addition to NA or AA programs local to your area which provide still more support for you in your journey towards continued recovery.

No matter what your situation is, or how hopeless you may feel, there can always be hope for recovery. With trained counselors, medical staff, and experience in all areas of addiction, no addict is "too far gone" to take the first step towards a life sobriety. Knoxville inpatient drug treatment is available to you if you only reach out and ask for help. Call us to find out more about treatment options.

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