Flakka Now a Concern in Knoxville

Having caused a recent epidemic in South Florida, the synthetic drug "flakka," also known as "gravel," is now a growing concern among Knoxville Police, even though it is not quite a threat in the area. The Knox County Sheriff's Office believes that the drug is coming from overseas. Although only one arrest has been made in the past six months, deputies feel that manufacturers are trying to change the chemicals. The Knoxville lab had 130 exhibits test positive for flakka from January 2014 to July 2015, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The Metropolitan Drug Commission says that when taken, flakka causes hyperthermia, violent behavior and hallucinations. This drug is extremely harmful to its users and others around them. If you find yourself addicted to this dangerous synthetic drug, drug treatment centers Knoxville can help. Call our facilities today.

Addiction Explained

Addiction is a strong physical or psychological need to consume something or engage in a certain activity, usually to a harmful extent. Interestingly, people may never know they are addicted to a substance unless they actually take it. Psychological addiction can form very quickly. It is usually a response to the pleasant feeling that people can get from taking drugs or alcohol, and they want to feel that pleasure again. Psychological addiction can also develop when people feel they need a particular substance before they can function normally.

Physical addiction is usually slower to form, and it comes about because the brain makes adjustments to handle constant exposure to drugs or alcohol. The brain includes the addictive substance in the new chemical makeup. Once this happens, the cells cannot function as normal if the addictive substance is missing. They have become dependent on the alcohol or drugs.

Indications of Addiction

It can be difficult to tell if somebody is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Even if a person is clearly abusing substances (getting drunk a lot, for example), that does not necessarily mean that person is addicted. The best indicator that there is a likely problem is with overall behavioral changes, although even these can be difficult to recognize, especially when the addiction is in an early stage.

Don't let synthetic drugs like flakka be a part of your life. Drug treatment centers Knoxville TN, along with Knoxville Area of Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.naknoxarea.com/), can provide you with rehab and support as you find your way back to recovery.

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